Hands Prints


Here’s a funny story of how the hands were inspired: I have house plants in my bathroom and every now and then they get gnats. On at least 2 or 3 occasions, I tried to smack the gnat with my hand while it was on my bathroom mirror. It created these interesting long streaks and thus these hands. I have been thinking about this for months instead of cleaning my bathroom mirror.


Squigglies: This version has teal color and… squigglies! It makes me think of a blood séance. 

Circle Reach: This one has a big circle in the middle. I like this one because you can rotate it to get a different emotional feel from the image. 

Regular prints are 8.5×11″ with a white border around the image.

Mini prints are roughly 4×5.5″ and may vary in size since I hand-cut them. 

All art designed by Cat Xia. Please do not copy or redistribute my work. I’m happy to license my work, please email me.

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Regular Print, Mini Print


Squigglies, Circle Reach

Hands Prints
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