Emotional Labor

This comic resonated with a lot of people. My partner and I have been together for roughly a decade. I’ve talked about emotional labor with my partner previously, but it wasn’t really until I made this comic that I noticed him become a little more conscious around the house. 


This comic is an ode to bad dad jokes drawn out longer than they deserve, though I believe it was my cousin that actually made this joke. Since then, we’ve started saying, “No hurry.”


Every moment is another opportunity for a dumb joke. 

Matt Man

There is literally no idea dumb enough for me to not make a comic about it. This one is dedicated to Matt and all the Matts out there, especially the ones who look like Matt. 

Dave: Private Guy

I wanted to make a birthday illustration for a friend, but realized I didn’t actually know very much about him. 

Tulip Mini Book

If “comics” are a set of related images that tell a story, then yes, I believe this counts as a comic. I printed a copy of this mini book for my dad’s birthday. 

Yolo the Clown!

This one is part of my Clowns series. Yolo learns to accept his place with a smile on his face in an exploitative economy.


These are pages of zines from Zinefest in 2019, which I’m counting as comics. Yes, Bad Drawings of Horses was the most popular, of horse.  

Cool Brain

I made these in or just after college and I still really love them (and my brain).


Just an assortment of past comics.