Boxer Briefs

It wasn’t until my mid-30s that I discovered men’s boxer briefs. And yet so many of the women I know already wear them! Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Well, now I’m telling you and hopefully it’s not too late. Men’s boxer briefs are the supreme form of underwear.

Take My Money

I saw this hat at the Bok Kai festival in Marysville and had to have it. It was a big hit.  I try not to buy too much stuff, but it brought me a lot of joy. 

Embarrassing Moments

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to delete those memories that seemingly serve no purpose other than to negatively impact your sleep and sense of well-being? But at what cost…?


As someone who generally has a bad memory and who has accumulated a lot of contacts over the years, I was thinking about how difficult it has become to remember names and preferred pronouns. But what if there was a way for technology to remember for you, even as you were speaking to someone in person? Cut to me as a young weeb reading in the corners of Barnes & Noble. I used to read a bunch of manga and learned that in Japanese culture, there’s this superstition that if someone is talking about you, no matter where, it’ll make you sneeze. But now we have Meta and the rest of the social media data mining platforms who could replace our superstitions with endless data and notifications (and ads that make us feel insecure about our own appearances, driving us to a variety of solutions, including haircuts).

Joe Binkowski Can Smell My Ass

My partner Joe went to a high school where there was a teacher named Joe and this is what happened.

Loud Places

I don’t know if I have autism or ADHD or what, but I cannot listen to two streams of sound at the same time, much less multiple streams. Noises come together and create something like an absence of sound for me. 

Emotional Labor

This comic resonated with a lot of people. My partner and I have been together for roughly a decade. I’ve talked about emotional labor with my partner previously, but it wasn’t really until I made this comic that I noticed him become a little more conscious around the house. 

Matt Man

There is literally no idea dumb enough for me to not make a comic about it. This one is dedicated to Matt and all the Matts out there, especially the ones who look like Matt. 

Tulip Mini Book

If “comics” are a set of related images that tell a story, then yes, I believe this counts as a comic. I printed a copy of this mini book for my dad’s birthday. 

Yolo the Clown!

This one is part of my Clowns series. Yolo learns to accept his place with a smile on his face in an exploitative economy.


These are pages of zines from Zinefest in 2019, which I’m counting as comics. Yes, Bad Drawings of Horses was the most popular, of horse.  

Cool Brain

I made these in or just after college and I still really love them (and my brain).


Just an assortment of past comics.