Emotional Labor

This comic resonated with a lot of people. My partner and I have been together for roughly a decade. I’ve talked about emotional labor with my partner previously, but it wasn’t really until I made this comic that I noticed him become a little more conscious around the house. 


This comic is an ode to bad dad jokes drawn out longer than they deserve, though I believe it was my cousin that actually made this joke. Since then, we’ve started saying, “No hurry.”


Every moment is another opportunity for a dumb joke. 

Dave: Private Guy

I wanted to make a birthday illustration for a friend, but realized I didn’t actually know very much about him. 

Yolo the Clown!

This one is part of my Clowns series. Yolo learns to accept his place with a smile on his face in an exploitative economy.

Cool Brain

I made these in or just after college and I still really love them (and my brain).


Just an assortment of old comics.