2014 – Present

God Girl watches
but she doesn’t need to care.
Sometimes you’ll look up and
see nothing there.

But look closer and you’ll see
Skeleton Space Man – a trickster! Tweedle-dee-dee!
Then there’s the Sleep Walker. Poor comatose kid.
He can possess you, God Girl forbid.


Birthed from the ashes of Generalizasian and Frustrasian came God Girl, an ongoing series focused on my identity (from being Asian, sometimes female, and poking fun at my bizarre Christian upbringing).

She’s a powerful god, usually disembodied, omnipresent, intrigued, bored… tl;dr: Girls just want to have fun! God Girl hangs out with Skeleton Space Man (SSM) and the Sleep Walker. SSM is the same as God Girl. Sometimes he’s a goof, sometimes he’s evil – it’s totally super natural! Sleep Walker is the spirit of an ambiguously Asian boy spirit who was comatose. He is God Girl’s and SSM’s bridge to the mortal world – sometimes they possess people or things! Wild!

I’m working on just creating art in general, but eventually I want this Holy Trinity to go on adventures related to my life and the current events of the world around us.