Garage Murals

Garage Murals

2021 – Present

I don’t need to reiterate what a horrible ongoing event the pandemic has been. In spite of it, I try to periodically inject a little booster shot of happiness in my neighborhood by painting on my garage door. I don’t lift it very often, and it’s just a big, boring blank canvas facing a street that goes straight down to one of the local schools. Do something! Make it fun! 

In 2021, it started with a painting of Marceline the vampire queen, from the TV show Adventure Time. This also happened to be my first viral video ^_^


i never use it because we can only open it from the inside and the inside is filled with spiders #marcelinethevampirequeen #painting #homedecor #adventuretime #homeimprovement

♬ Everything Stays (Marcy and Mom) [feat. Rebecca Sugar & Ava Acres] – Adventure Time

In the winter of that year, I made her seasonal, even though it doesn’t snow here.


marceline the vampire queen is here to stay for the holidays #adventuretime #homedecor #homeimprovement

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

This next one was in response to Roe v. Wade under threat. I know the coat hanger imagery is looked down on in some reproductive justice spaces, but this image really resonates with older generations, many of whom walked by and shared their stories with me because of this mural. It was really powerful for them to see this image of solidarity in the community, and I really appreciated their stories and dedication to fighting for the right and access to reproductive health care, such as abortion. I don’t think I received any negative feedback on this mural, but all the conservatives in our neighborhood have already blocked me in the neighborhood social media groups, so I know I’m really missing out. 


⚖️ protecting roe v wade is critical. ⚖️ protecting abortion as a personal and private health care decision between you and your doctor (not you and the government or you and religious-based insurance companies) is critical. ⚖️ protecting our right to privacy is critical.🏆we are not PACK MULE and we are not OBJECTS and we do not belong to MEN or RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS. 🙏 Thank you for coming to my blast from the past pre-1973 ted talk. #roevwade #exteriorpainting #homeimprovement

♬ original sound – Natalie Etched

Then of course, we entered the darkest timeline (again) when the protections provided by Roe v. Wade were overturned. So in came Lemongrab (another character from Adventure Time). My neighbors also seemed to appreciate this, especially the younger ones who recognized Lemongrab. At least one neighbor did not appreciate this and reported me to the City, hence the next mural.

This one came just in time for Halloween. I emailed the city about the letter I received asking me to take down the “graffiti” on my property. We both agreed it was dumb, and I was planning to paint over it anyway. Heh


Painted a new mural on my garage recently for the Halloween season hehe the spirit of passive aggression is eternal 👻 (my neighbors have been pretty supportive, so it was likely reported by a parent driving their kid to school down the street) #homedecor #homedesignideas #ghostpainting

♬ Ghost Duet – Louie Zong

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