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350 Sacramento

I’ve volunteered with 350 Sacramento for over a decade, seeing us grow from a handful of strangers to an official 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. For most of that time, I’ve worked to legitimize us as an organization and align our messaging and branding with a positive and fun attitude (as opposed to any doom-and-gloom narratives). I wanted to ensure we would be taken seriously not only by potential volunteers, but also by the city, local businesses, other stakeholders, and, hey, maybe even the state.

I don’t have a background in graphic design, so I’m proud to see how far I’ve come in creating flyers and graphics, as well as migrating, redesigning, and managing the website

Visit to learn more about this local Sacramento non-profit organization focused on climate change. 

League 4 Climate Justice

As part of making 350 Sacramento a fun and family-friendly organization, I had a vision to create a comic of the League 4 Climate Justice (L4CJ). The superhero members of the L4CJ are Li Fe (a leaf person), Broc (a broccoli person), and Flo (a flower person).

I hope one day to revive this project, but here’s what I’ve created thus far: a logo, bookmarks, membership cards, social media graphics, and Monthly Hero Memos (featuring various resources and actions people could take).


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