Other Design Projects

CommuniTree Committee

Client: The CommuniTree Committee is a local group of volunteers who coordinate with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to plant and maintain trees spanning two neighborhoods. 

Project Goals: Similar to my work with 350 Sacramento, I wanted to legitimize this small group of volunteers to the rest of the neighborhood. Their work is important and simple. Help neighbors plant and maintain their shade trees, subsequently saving energy, reducing pollution, encouraging non-motorized traffic, etc. 


  • Flyers and social media graphics for their annual bike ride and tour of neighborhood shade trees, tree stump removals, and planting days
  • Postcard mailers about how to get a free shade tree 

Experience Camps

Client: Experience Camps is a nonprofit organization helping youth process family death and grief. 

Project Goals: Create a woodsy and energetic American youth camp aesthetic and bonding experience.


  • Social media graphic for a fundraiser
  • Informational flyer
  • T-shirt design ideas

National Lawyers Guild – Sacramento Chapter

Client: The National Lawyers Guild – Sacramento Chapter provides legal observation, Know Your Rights trainings, and other progressive organizing activities in Sacramento. 

Project Goals: Create a new logo design for the local chapter, as well as some event materials. I wanted to maintain the national organization’s logo while also making it distinct to the Sacramento region. I chose to use the Tower Bridge since it’s such a recognizable icon.  


  • Local chapter logo
  • Event booklet
  • Small newsletter ad celebrating a local chapter member

Southside Park Neighbors

Client: A few of the most progressive Southside Park community members wanted to print a local Voter Guide pamphlet prior to the 2020 elections. 

Project Goals: I wanted to make it similar to the other hundreds of voting mailers: people-focused and concise. Fortunately, they had lots of photos of community members, which added a more personal touch. 


  • Voter guide (union-printed!)

Kickball League

Client: The vajimjam teammates are some of the most baller kickballers in Sacramento’s varsity gay kickball league.

Project Goals: Create a shirt logo (also used for hats) with the team’s spirit. 


  • Logo