350 Sacramento

Climate change activism is critical. But it’s hard to get buy-in if your messaging and branding is the kind of negative doom-and-gloom content that makes the average person anxious and hopeless. So when I found 350 Sacramento in 2011, my mission was clear. The small group of committed activists was already doing good work, but I wanted to ensure they would be taken seriously not only by potential volunteers, but also by the city, local businesses, other stakeholders, and, hey, maybe even the state.

To legitimize 350 Sacramento, I worked on establishing professional branding of their outreach materials. Given that I have zero graphic design experience (but I have a background in studio art), this was a journey. I started creating flyers with Photoshop, then later graduated to Illustrator and InDesign.

My aesthetic goals were simply to:

  1. Avoid the standard doom-and-gloom themes of mainstream climate change messaging
  2. Make climate activism fun and family-friendly
  3. Create a professional brand that the City of Sacramento and organizations like SMUD would take seriously

I’ve seen the organization grow from a core group of 5-8 people over several years to what is now officially a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization with plenty of volunteers. I wear a lot of hats and am currently working on building a foundation to [inhale] help other people help me help the planet!

League 4 Climate Justice

As part of making 350 Sacramento a fun and family-friendly organization, I had a vision to create a comic and cult following of the League 4 Climate Justice, featuring superheroes Li Fe, Broc, and Flo.

I ended up not having the resources to fully carry out this project, but I did manage to create:

  • a logo
  • membership cards
  • social media graphics
  • some fun Monthly Hero Memos that included various resources and actions people could take (I guess I was really into QR codes at the time, too – wamp wamp)

Overall, it was an exciting project that I would like to have adventures with again one day.


I done goofed and lost most of the photos of my work. I am searching for them and hope to return them to their home here soon.